Copenhagen Skull Base Course 2021

A hands-on course for all surgeons with an interest in skull base surgery

Course 2021


September 22th-24th 

We are still confident that we will be able to meet with you in September for the course. If we have to cancel the course, we will refund the full course fee. We will re-assess the situation at the end of June 2021. We advise that you assure possibility of cancellation when you book hotel, and that you do not book flights early, as we will not be able to refund expenses for flights and accommodation in case of cancellation.  The cancellation policy is otherwise unchanged.

The course is aimed at trainee and specialist surgeons with an interest in skull base surgery.

The goal is to develop the understanding of skull base surgical anatomy and to translate this into standard and advanced approaches to the skull base by means of lectures, demonstrations, and anatomical dissections.

Two participants per specimen. Each station is equipped with Midax Rex drill, Zeiss microscope, suction and a set of surgical instruments supplied by Kebomed.

The course is a collaboration between  Department of Neurosurgery, Copenhagen University Hospital and Anatomy Deptartment, Institute of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Panuminstituttet. We are grateful to Professor of Anatomy Jørgen Tranum-Jensen and Head Anatomical Technician Johnny Grandt. Without their generous  help and enthusiasm, we would not be able to offer this course.